A Swift Change in Tides.

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A Swift Change in Tides.

The best word to describe the first 3 days of being on the boat is stagnant. With a bold s.
The boat is docked up in Faversham in a place called The Harty Ferry. Of course I was anxious to set sail as soon as possible. The following are reasons (in order) why, 3 days later I am still in Faversham despite attempts to leave towards Falmouth.
1. The weather was awful on the first day and didn’t permit us to leave – day 1
2. Fernando suddenly announced that the sail has a tear. In order to be safe, we need to fix the sail better – day 2
3. Me and Fernando argued – day 2
4. Dolan joined us (really glad he did) and we attempted to leave but Fernando crashed us into a sandbank and we turned around to the same place – day 3

Day 1 is the art of mother nature, there is nothing we could have done to leave earlier so let me discuss Day 2.
Day 2 came about with a beautiful weather. Fernando had announced that there is a tear in the sail we need to fix. From measuring the size of the tear I estimated that it would take us about 15 minutes to sow so all we needed to do was to buy the tread then we could be on our way that night. The sun was out and the tides were perfect. We planned our passage on Day 1 with mind (or so I thought) to leave in the evening on Day 2. After waking up early we took a walk around Oare Creek to Faversham town and on the way Fernando I high-fived Fernando with enthusiasm saying ‘finally, we’re leaving!’, to which we turned around with an angry face an exclaimed ‘you are pressuring me and this doesn’t feel right’
erm… excuse me?

Let me backtrack a little. Fernando has been waiting on the boat for over a month in the same area. He’s simply enjoying his time chilling… and I don’t think that he is confident in his sailing skills so is trying to disguise by saying he is taking his time. Sadly, I’m not having it. The fact that he’s been in the same location for over a month and decides that a little pressure to move makes him angry should give you an idea about his character. He moves slow. But please don’t mistake slow for being careful.

After this I decided to sidestep this and keep it moving. The boat is shared between us but I have no real commitment or attachment to it. I quickly messaged 3 separate friends of mine who are all sailing this summer to find out where they are and if they need a hand on deck. Immediately all of them messaged me back. So I have 3 new back up plans if problems persist with Fernando

⦁ Sail the med > Africa > Caribbean
⦁ Sail the greek islands
⦁ Sailing from Colombia to Panama

Once my options were secure I told Fernando and he objected and begged me for a second chance. I agreed as long as we had someone else on the boat with us. Thankfully Dolan arrived that night.

I was very excited for Dolans arrival. He is a semi retired Irish sailor. I thought that a mature man would kick Fernando into gear.

That morning we set sail for the town quay (Fernando’s idea…). Finally I was so excited to be going somewhere. We left Harty Ferry and were on approach to Faversham creek until we suddenly stopped in the middle of the water. The boat would move forward and was starting to tip sideways. We hit a sandbank. Oh great.

For about 20 minutes Fernando was panicking. He was considering us staying stuck on the sandbank until the tides rise at night when Dolan suggested to try to reverse the boat. It worked. Thank the skies for Dolan. We turned back to the same place in Harty Ferry after. We travelled for a whole 10minutes! How disappointing.

Oh and I didn’t mention that Dolan fell out the boat for no reason. Hours after we crashed. So it was basically for no reason. Bags and shoes floating away and everything.. I am not going to talk about it because it’ll embarrass him, his wife and his 4 kids.

– I am currently writing this after the drama of the morning. I still don’t know what I am going to do. My friends are eager to have me on board asap (few days) and I am loosing faith in Fernando. He has more experience sailing with me but he is foolish sometimes. I don’t know how much I can learn from somebody like this and I question my safely & wellbeing. As the only way to move is forward I will continue sailing – but with who and where?

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