Disconnecting at Sable Sands

//Disconnecting at Sable Sands

Disconnecting at Sable Sands

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, remote, close to wildlife and beautiful than search no more. Sable Sands is the perfect get away in the African bush.

Tucked away just outside Hwange National Park is Sable Sands; an all inclusive, family friendly lodge on a private concession in the middle of the wild. There are no gates, fences or barriers between you and the wildlife, a truly unique experience making Sable Sands one of the most amazing bush experiences we’ve had to date!

In our first hour we saw a massive heard of elephants only about 100 feet away from the daybeds that marker the distance in which is safe to wander on the grounds before you’re in complete animal territory.

As I write this I am laying in a hammock in a treehouse looking out to the elephants lathering up in mud and teaching the young ones how to do the same. It’s extremely peaceful here and considering power is only turned on at the night time (providing light and charging time) when the wind isn’t blowing and animals aren’t roaring it is complete silence, not even the sound of a generator.

At night time it’s so quiet you can almost hear the thoughts of the person laying next to you.

I can’t tell you the last time I had such a peaceful sleep; during our first few nights we were tucked away in the bush in one of the more wooded lodges but after a few nights we got to move into one of the rooms that overlooks the flay (a dried up river where some water still populates and becomes a watering hole for animals to break at the hottest times of the day) During our nights in lodge that are a bit more exposed you could wake up in the middle of the night to elephants chomping on the trees and bush around your room, baboons making all types of noise and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll even catch a lion on the prowl.

We’ve been on quite a few game drives in the last few months

Some self drives and some guided and we have to say that our first drive with Sable Sands was one that we certainly will not forget. We had been driving around for a while and got to see some of the typical animals and some really beautiful landscape but we took a turn down a long narrow path and were greeted by at least 200 elephants ranging in all ages and sizes. It was like nothing I’d ever image happening in real life! The engine turned off and we just sat there for about 30 minutes as they passes us so close that if we had reached our arms out the safari truck we would have touched their bodies.

Did we mention they know how to do vegan food right?

Their menu was above most; everyday we had something different, exciting and very filling! There was a strong touch on healthy food and we loved it! Lunches were refreshing and easy and dinner was lavish and large. I was amazed at the dishes they pulled together considering some of them would have taken me hours to make; they only allow the power to be on in the entire lodge after 7pm and heat all their water in a large kettle over the fire. Their attention to the environment is one of the many reasons I rate this place so high.

On top of all that they do at their own accommodations to stay off the grid and be water, energy and wildlife conscious, they also contribute efforts to other amazing local organizations and teams who are reusing, reducing and creating jobs for the community.

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