Staying at Nguni Lodge, Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

//Staying at Nguni Lodge, Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Staying at Nguni Lodge, Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Staying at Nguni Lodge, Victoria Falls

We had the pleasure of staying at this private little lodge just outside the main strip of Victoria Falls for 3 nights during our first week in Zimbabwe and it was a wonderful way to start out trip.

Nguni Lodge is one of Victoria Fall’s newest being only 4 months old they have put together a wonderful staff of employees who are quite passionate about their hospitality and place of employment. We were lucky enough to meet with the general manager Natalia and Brenda the reservations manager who were our go-to ladies of the hour. They went above and beyond at any chance they had to sort us out, ensure we were well kept and enjoying our stay.

Celina and I did two really amazing excursions booked through Nguni Lodge with Wild Horizons tour company which were beyond memorable and worth our efforts.

My first time in a helicopter and both our first times seeing the falls

We had a female pilot and Celina got to ride shotgun capturing some of the best footage ever! It was a short ride but one that we won’t forget and when we had to change our flight time Brenda was more happy to assist and get us set up with a transfer to and from the helicopter pad.

That was a jam packed eventful day because we also got a chance to get on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. That was incredible and certainly a night to remember. Brenda again came through by booking us on a fully booked cruise.

Lastly I cannot stress how kind all of the other guests were! There was people from all over the world visiting, of course because we are in the presence of a wonder of the world but the fact that everyone was there and happy to chat was a real pleasure. Sometimes I find myself in different accommodations and nobody is trying to get to know one another and it can be a bit dry so it was really nice to share a few laughs with some of the other guests!

I would certainly suggest visiting Nguni Lodge if you are headed to the falls and want to have an accommodation that is a bit more peaceful at night than some of the very central spots!

If you’re looking to book at Nguni Lodge, visit this link

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