Planning a Trip to the Panorama Route, South Africa

//Planning a Trip to the Panorama Route, South Africa

Planning a Trip to the Panorama Route, South Africa

There’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot of beauty to see and if you saw our photos from our week out on the panorama route you know that there is probably a lot of amazing stops along the way to the amazing stops!

So before you head out there make sure you check off your list of must dos according to this post.


Get food ahead of time

Stopping at Spar, Game, Woolworths or Pick n Pay is going to save your life and your wallet!

There are some grocery stores in the towns around the panorama route but honestly everything shuts down pretty early and unless you’re planning on eating at restaurants daily you will want to stock up. Places close early and you might miss you chance to shop if you’re driving around sightseeing all day. Our biggest suggestion is to get some simple to assemble food since you may not having cooking facilities in your accommodations. We kept a cold bag with groceries at all times in the back of the car, it was conveniently packed with a bunch of food and drinks.

Picking out where you are going to stay in advanced

There are many options but if you’ve got specific wants make sure you plan your night stops ahead of time

We went on a whim on this trip and paid for it in the stress of finding spots to stay last minute. Not the easiest task when we still required wifi to work at night and first thing in the morning, some of the places are super overpriced and sometime just booked up for the night. If we were to take this trip again we’d plan a few nights ahead of time just to avoid the hassle of finding a spot every two nights. We did get to see a few different towns this way but sometimes finding a place a few hours before bedtime isn’t the most ideal!

Knowing your preferred route

It isn’t easy to get lost on the Panorama Route but it is easy to miss out on some amazing views if you don’t plan your route correctly

There is so much to see and do on the panorama route and if you don’t try and map out your day it’s likely that you’ll miss out on a lot of great sights. On the other hand sometimes we stumble upon the best things when we get lost but if you read our other post about the five best sights you want to make sure you get to all of them, and the panorama route isn’t small! There is quite a bit of time between different stop points.

Get a strong car

There are a lot of hills and some roads aren’t as great as others!

Pretty self explanatory but we’d really suggest against heading out with a half dead car or one that can’t do long rides or big hills. The route is filled with turns and some roads are unpaved or lots of potholes and the last thing you want it to spin out of control on the side of a mountain, roll down a hill cause you couldn’t make it up or breakdown at night on a road with no lights! Be prepared and arrive with a trustworthy car.

Preparing for long rides with frequent stops

The routes are long and sometimes the main attractions are more than 30 minutes apart but you will stop many times along the way if you’re a photo enthusiast

It’s a really beautiful drive and there are quite a few routes you can take; they’ve made a lot of the lookout points easy to find with lots of signs and pullover shoulders in the road but you might still be driving for a long time so get a good nights rest before heading off for the day. You’re in Africa after all, the sun will be shining and it’s going to be warm, so prepare for the heat in a car!


Aside from all the things you should know before going and taking a trip to the panorama route the best advice we can give you is enjoy it, you’re going to be amongst some really breathtaking views and you should stop and take the time to enjoy them… it’s beyond beautiful and worth all the driving! Enjoy and don’t forget to tag us in some stellar shots.

You can check out a few shots from the route here

If you’re thinking about going on ride through the Panorama Route you will certainly want to check out our Top 5 stops!

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