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Project Description

Image Rebranding


The Details

You may have been thinking about rebranding for quite some time but haven’t known where to start; perhaps you already have your concept in place but don’t know how to express it to the world. This is where we come in. We can help you with creating the visuals for your new image; the content that you want to put out has everything to do with the audience that you want to capture and rebranding is all about redefining your impression in the industry.

A full-on rebrand takes a lot of time, effort and resources, and your business may not have the bandwidth or desire for this massive undertaking. This is where a revamp of your existing content along with some fresh material is going to jumpstart you into your new vision.

  • Creating new image campaigns

  • Product kits for social media and website

  • Video messages or promo to engage new audiences

  • New logo creation

  • Website Content Packages


You may still be on the fence about if rebranding your image is what you need in order to get reach new audiences and capture new clients but here are some reasons as to why this might be exactly what you need;

  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Separate from similar brands that consumers may confuse with yours
  • Re-engage your current customers
  • Appeal to new customers or market

Branding is perception. “Today’s brands have the unprecedented luxury of communicating directly with their audiences without relying solely on third parties like the media to evoke certain emotions or actions. Creating content that guides those audiences — and communicates with them across channels — to a new brand image is the best way to begin to influence perception.” – Kathleen LucenteRed Fan Communications

“There are thousands of small to medium-sized businesses that have spent more money on their logo sign and couch in their office entry than they have on their photography. Photography is one of the most impactful yet underrated differentiators.” – Ryan ShortMODassic Marketing

Some things to consider prior to your image rebrand;

  1. Ask Yourself: Why Should We Rebrand? Ensure you know why you’re getting into rebranding prior to starting or else you will not understand what you want your final product to look like.
  2. Start with your Mission, Vision and Values; if you don’t know what you want to offer how do you know what you want it to look like?
  3. Analyze what to keep and what to discard from your current branding; just because you are rebranding it doesn’t mean you have to discard all of the old, sometimes it just means revitalizing what is preexisting with the contribution of new materials.
  4. Analyze the market and competition; if you’re feeling outdated in the industry ensure that you are doing your research in what is current, what audience you want to capture and what message you want to offer.
  5. Work Towards Effective Marketing; once you’ve decided and mapped out all of the above it is time to contact us so we can help bring those visions to life! Having a clear concept or idea is the best tool to cultivating a successful image rebrand.

Boost your bottomline with a rebrand; keep your brand up to date and blow your competitors out of the water!