Our stay at Tuli Safari Lodge 2018

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Our stay at Tuli Safari Lodge 2018

Getting to Tuli might be a bit of a stretch but the moment you arrive it is unbelievably worth it!

We drove from Gaborone to Palapye; and then the next day to Tuli Safari Lodge and it was the perfect break up of the 8 hour drive to get there.

During the drive it’s amazing to watch the terrain change as you get closer to Tuli Block. The Reserve borders South Africa and its clear to see Botswana is quite flat in comparison.

Upon reaching the Tuli Reserve you are greeted by animals left and right, impala, elephants, giraffes and more!

It’s clear that you’re entering a space that is well taken care of and diverse. The sun is at its highest and brightest along with the sound of nature all around you.

While driving you’ll see the first sign to Tuli safari lodge (on your left or right depending where you’re coming from) and the butterflies in your tummy start to flutter! As soon as we turned into the property there was a big elephant to our left and impalas on our right. All the animals were so at peace and unbothered by us passing through which made us feel very safe and comfortable.

Rounding the last corner and passing through the gate to Tuli Safari Lodge is a moment that is completely unforgettable.

Some of the largest trees I’ve ever seen flank the pathway up to reception. There are monkeys and birds of all types on the grounds. We park the car and receive the warmest greeting from Sylvia and Cecelia. Automatically I feel at home and comfortable with these women.

Sylvia brings us over to a lounge where we are given colourful welcome drinks and a briefing of the Lodge. She brings us to our room where we try our hardest not to drag our jaws on the ground!

The rooms at the Tuli Safari Lodge are incredible, romantic and huge!

The room is easily bigger than my apartment back in Toronto and much more private and airy!

It is probably the most luxurious version of a tent possible as there is a lounge/seating area, bathtub big enough for three, massive bed and showering space in the back. The deck at the front overlooks a beautiful bush area where I woke up the next morning to see impala by the dozen grazing and relaxing. These “tents” are something you need to experience for yourself, they open up completely so you can be surrounded by nature but also can be entirely enclosed for privacy. There is so much space its incredible and the shower is easily one of the most beautiful features.

There is an amazing schedule arranged by the Lodge that’s included in your booking price

The morning starts with a wakeup call for some breakfast before the morning game drive. Upon arrival back from the drive is a fantastic spread for brunch followed by some personal time prior to the afternoon snack before the next game drive. After the final game drive of the day you will come back to another wonderful meal provided by the cooks. They tailor to your needs (in our case vegan meals) and give you variety with each dish. It was always so exciting to see what was going to be put out in front of me as I knew it would be delicious!

Our overall experience at the Tuli Safari Lodge was one that is completely memorable and unique.

The staff was a pleasure to see daily and no two days were the same.

Our game drives were incredible and we got to experience some truly special moments and our guide Pontso was extremely knowledgeable and patient with our photography and questions! There is absolutely nothing I would have changed about this trip or the lodge other than staying longer!

Some important tips prior to booking your trip:

* If you are driving, we would suggest a 4×4 vehicle. While you can do the drive in a Sudan (as we did) the terrain can be a bit unpredictable and you may not get there as quickly or safely as you could in a larger vehicle.

* We travel pretty much everywhere with a little food of our own but Tuli rooms are not equip with refrigerators and if you forget to lock your door behind you a monkey might come in and grab your goods!

* Don’t forget your bathing suit; there is a really beautiful pool on the grounds that is ultra inviting!

* Last but not least, don’t forget your camera! There are so many beautiful things and moments to capture at Tuli, it is an unforgettable trip, I promose!

If you are looking for additional information about the Tuli Safari Lodge or would like to book yourself an amazing trip like ours be sure to visit their website here!

Be sure to check out our images from the trip! There was a bunch of wildlife during our safari

Here is a link to the video we made of Tuli, it really captures the massive property where animals get to move freely and our beautiful tent!

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