Veganism: The importance in hotels, lodges and guesthouses

//Veganism: The importance in hotels, lodges and guesthouses

Veganism: The importance in hotels, lodges and guesthouses

Dear Hotels,

The fact is – there are people who do not consume any animal products whatsoever. This includes eggs, milk, honey, cheese, chicken or meat broth etc.. These people are called Vegans also known as Plant Based.

We have been traveling through the world, and now Southern Africa and are fortune enough to receive complimentary accommodation throughout our documentary excursions. For this, we thank you.

We are two vegans. Satori our curator & lead communications is form Toronto, Canada where more then 3 MILLION people are recorded to be vegan. Cel our photo/videographer is from London, UK where veganism has rise over 300% in the last year. We are lifelong vegans and use to the simple way of pure eating; grains, veg, fruit. Our way isn’t complex, in fact its easier (and yes, we do get our 100+ grams of protein a day).

And so we continue to the point of this..

During our time photographing and filming in Southern Africa we have received complimentary luxury accommodation in the top choices of the countries in exchange for high quality photos and a 4K promo video. We happily stay for 5 nights and enjoy all inclusive services such as safari drives, food and more. At this stage you’re probably wondering – what is the problem Satori & Cel? Free accommodation, safari drives etc.. there could be no issue right? WRONG.

3 most Common Vegan Misconceptions

p.s. Vegetarian and Vegan is NOT THE SAME (Vegans do not consume any animal product (eggs, cheese..) Vegetarians consume eggs, milk…


While we understand that mayonnaise is a very common spread worldwide, it is not vegan. When chefs present us with a lavish veggie dish full of goodness it breaks our heart that we have to turn it back once we discover that there is mayonnaise spread or drizzled upon the dish. – Oh no darlin’ “says Cel (the Brit)”
Issue: Mayo contains EGGS. Eggs are a bi-product of chicken. Chickens are animals. Vegans do not eat animals.
Alternatives: Ketchup, BBQ, Chutneys..

Daily (milk, cheese, ice-cream., butter..)

Daily is a sneaky one as it is one of the most common ingredients amongst sauces, ice-cream, butter, and bread (yes bread!). As delicious as it is – and yes, there are vegan alternatives which we frequently eat; it is not usually served as vegan.
Issue: Milk, cheese, ice-cream, butter are a dairy bi-product. Dairy comes from milk. Milk comes from cows. Cows are animals. Vegans do not eat animals.
Alternatives: Coconut, cashew, soy, almond milk…


Flavour is the umph of every dish. A splash of salt here, a little pepper there and a cube of chicken stock makes everything delicious. WRONG.

We love flavour. Tell me, who doesn’t love flavour? Rice with no vibes? Nandos wouldn’t agree. The Mexicans would call for war. The Nigerians would faint. O.M.G. The Italians would literally freak out! And lets not start on the Arabs…. we could continue this cultural flavour trip for days but you probably get the point, so lets get straight to the facts.

There are other stocks then fish or meat. This is important! Very important. Don’t do it!!!! 

Here are some popular stock recipes which we recommend f you’re making it from scratch.

Otherwise, there are fairly cheap ones in the local supermarket in powder form.

Issue: Stock (meat) is formed from boiling an animal carcass in water. That water takes on the property of the animals product. Thus, animal water is formed and is called stock. Stock comes from animals. Vegans do not consume animal.

p.s. Vegans would rather have flavourless food then meat/fish stock in their dish. Don’t chance it, vegans 100% do not want it!


Like your vegan guests, our way of life can be challenging while traveling. The last thing we want to do is offend a chef in their art. Please understand that as humans, we all have a right to decide what we consume and dictate the choices we make which we think are best for us as individuals. A drizzle of mayo, or even a vegetable fried in the same pan as a chicken fillet might not seem major to you, but could painfully harm the stomachs and minds of your vegan guest, go against their life-long morals, or break a 30+ year decision – over the lack of knowledge or care of the chef or kitchen staff.

Just as a person of faith might pray every morning, exclude particular foods or liquids from their diet due to their beliefs and morals; vegans do the same when it comes to animal products of any sort including consumption or clothing.

As the world is progressing to a more environmentally friendly state, veganism and plant based has risen dramatically throughout the globe. This is huge and earth shaking. And while it may not be  as progressive in your continent, it means something to your valued guest.

Being knowledgeable about your guests dietary choices shows another level of customer care. If you have any questions about Vegans, Vegetarian, Gluten Free or Plant Based diets feel free to email us at:


This is not a rant. A crazy vegan rant. Veganism is something that we see progressing over the years at a rapid pace and we want to fill you in as much as we can whilst we are in your country.



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